About Beth and Jim Wulff

Our Journey

Beth Wulff started her professional music career at 15 as a bassist with an all girl band, The Four Faces of Eve, in her home state of Oklahoma. This group would include her younger sister, Mary Lou Morrison, and Becky Hobbs, who has since become well known in the Nashville music scene. Beth is an award-winning gospel and secular songwriter, and was awarded Best Blues Keyboard Player by the Washington Blues Society. She has had 14 years of classical training, including studying under a composer of national reputation, Ruth Brush, in her younger years, before resuming her studies at the University of Tulsa and Montana University. 

After joining Jim Wulff in Montana, she found her way to Seattle where she became a visible part of the Seattle musical community. She was one of the founding members of the Seattle Women in Rhythm and Blues as their keyboardist and featured vocalist, performing with Merilee Rush, Patti Allen, Duffy Bishop, Kris Shay Tanner, and jazz guitarist Emily Remler among others. She has performed with Motown legend Mary Wells, soul singer Al Wilson, and local legend Rich Dangel. Her keyboarding and songwriting can be heard on numerous CD projects.

Jim Wulff joined his high school choir as well as the Douglas Bearcat Band as a drummer. Elected as drum major, he got the big picture early learning arrangements, dynamics, and tempo while directing the marching band. At 17, his first band, The Group, consisted of 3 trumpets and piano with Jim on percussion. 

In his college days, Jim further pursued his singing with a choral group at Casper College and later took vocal instruction at the University of Montana from a nationally renowned opera singer, Esther England. There he met and later married Beth Morrison, an inspiring performing musician. After playing percussion with a group out of Montana, Novelty Jack, Jim began working with Beth as a duo and in various ensembles as a drummer and vocalist. 

Montana’s limited venues lead Beth and Jim out on the road, and eventually they worked as a house band at a local club on Bainbridge Island in Washington. After eventually moving to Seattle, Jim continued working as a drummer and vocalist with Beth and other area musicians, including the late Kevin Wallace, the late Rich Dangel, Paula Maya, and Stacy Jones, as a founding member of the blues band Stacy Jones and the Wolf Tones.  Jim is featured on the recording “Red Dirt Road” as a drummer, songwriter, and vocalist. He is currently performing as a solo vocalist in numerous area venues, and his CD “Songs From the Past” is available at his performances and online.

Jim and Beth have also been involved in the music ministry since 1985 in the Seattle area.  Beth received 2 first place gospel song writing awards from Christian Artists International, with "Great Jehovah" becoming a worship song performed internationally.  They are currently performing in various churches in Washington state and California.

Beth & Wulff was born out of love 45 years ago. They met at the University of Montana and have been together celebrating their passion for music ever since. Times have not always been easy as musicians, while raising a family and working in other fields over the years, but one thing has remained… the music of Beth & Wulff.