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Beth & Wulff

Jim and Beth Wulff
a.k.a. The Wolf Tones

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Beth Wulff

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Music Videos

I Just Want To Be Loved 02:51
Copyright by Beth Wulff
Sway 04:58
Performed by Beth and Wulff
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 04:03
Performed by Beth Wulff
Wind Beneath My Wings 04:08
Performed by Beth and Wulff
Never In My Wildest Dreams 04:30
Copyright by Beth Wulff Performed by Beth Wulff and Stacey Israel
I Believe I Can Fly 04:50
Performed by Beth and Wulff with Sheila Kay
Little Miracles 01:48
Copyright by Beth Wulff
Blue Skies 01:58
Performed by Jim and Beth Wulff
Unforgettable 03:15
Performed by Beth and Jim Wulff with Laurel Youngstrom